Stitch Designers Terms and Conditions

 By placing orders with Stitch Designers, you are stating on behalf of your company acknowledgement and acceptance of our terms and conditions below:

    • All orders to be paid COD or by credit card at time of completion until credit terms are established.


    • There is no additional charge to pay by credit card if paid at point of purchase. Orders paid by credit card on a future date are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee.


    • Your terms are net from the ship date of the order. It is mutually understood and agreed that invoices must be promptly paid.  Credit terms will be revoked without notice on accounts that are continuously delinquent, and these accounts will be reverted to COD or prepaid terms.


    • All embroidery, screen print and shipping instructions must be noted on purchase order. We are not responsible for instructions not submitted in writing.  We must also consent in writing to any changes/revisions made to existing orders.  Revisions to purchase orders must be clear on what has been revised, and must be acknowledged and accepted by Stitch Designers.


    • Production Time – After receipt of complete purchase order. Production time begins after all art proofs have been approved and all garments received. Please allow 1 business day for garment receipt on orders up to 1,000 pieces. Contact your CSR for receiving time on orders of 1,000 pieces or greater. Orders that require personalization, more than one logo, or more than one decorating process require extra time.


    • All clothing coming to us from vendors must contain packing slips and must be clearly marked with your name and P.O. on the packing slip. Any delays resulting from incomplete packing slip information will not be the responsibility of Stitch Designers and may cause delays in processing your order.


    • Each job must be written as a separate P.O. and must be shipped under separate P.O.s.


    • Cancellations may only be made prior to start of production and must be confirmed in writing. For non-produced cancellations, any associated costs leading up to the production of your order will be invoiced accordingly. Orders checked in from vendors will incur a handling charge if request is made to cancel an order and return goods to vendor.


    • Stitch Designers is not responsible for embroidery quality on provided digitized files.


    • Letters need to at least 1/4″ in height to guarantee quality and legible text.


    • Virtual Proofs/Sewouts – Virtual and sew-out proofs are sent to verify the accuracy of the art provided. The customer needs to check these proofs carefully. Stitch Designers will not be responsible for any refunds, returns, or errors on art that has been proofed and approved by customer.


    • Printing Tolerance – Stitch Designers is allowed a ¼ inch movement tolerance in any direction per imprint.


    • Any claims or disputes must be made in writing within 30 days after receipt of order.


    • Billing disputes should be reported to the accounting department immediately. Do not deduct from payments unless there is a corresponding credit memo for that amount issued by Stitch Designers.  Reimbursement for damages is only credited via company credit memos.


    • Stitch Designers will not be responsible for decorated or blank merchandise left at our facility for over 90 days. Misprinted and/or damaged garments over 30 days.


    • All orders are priced according to the price list you have been provided with.  Stitch Designers is not responsible for incorrect pricing listed on your P.O., however we will make every effort to inform you if the pricing on your P.O. is incorrect.


    • Complete packing and shipping instructions must be finalized no later than 48 hours in advance of your ship date. While we will make every effort to accommodate change requests we cannot guarantee changes made once an order has reached the shipping stage. And, any changes could result in a delay of the in hands date. Once an order has been accepted as a rush, we cannot change that order to normal production time.


    • We cannot be held responsible for estimated shipping charges. Shipping charges are calculated based on actual weight and package dimensions, daily fuel costs, distance traveled, declared value, and type of shipping service specified on order.


    • International shipments require special handling. Our fee is $15.00 for 1-5 pieces and $25.00 for over 5 pieces.  Proper paperwork must be completed by the customer for each international shipment.


    • Stitch Designers is not responsible for shipments lost or damaged in transit. If you would like to insure your shipment for more than $100.00 you must request insurance on your purchase order, with value to insure.  There is an extra fee for insurance, depending on the carrier’s charges.  Otherwise there is a $100.00 maximum payout for lost packages.