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  • Stitch Designers began modestly in 1985 with one 6-head embroidery machine. Founded by John Horne and his wife Peggy, the company has steadily evolved. From 1986 to 1991, Stitch Designers was a distributor of wearables and various other promotional items. We were ASI members in pursuit of any business we could get.

    In the Early 1990’s we became an embroidery company, no longer selling to the end user. Our focus was on large production jobs from a select few customers. Over the years we worked with many well known companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Polo and Timberland just to name a few. We even had a contract with Speedo for about ten years embroidering cut pieces for them through three Olympic Games.


  • At this time we had a sales office in Manhattan, on 5th avenue, with our sales manager in constant chase for business from the companies previously mentioned, among others. At any given moment we could have jobs in excess of 100,000 pieces. The introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), however, changed the way many domestic manufacturers did business. Stitch Designers was no exception.

    Our bread and butter companies had started to use overseas sources at prices that were a fraction of our cost. It was obvious that we would have to find a new way to remain not only profitable, but in business altogether. We were forced, once again, to reinvent ourselves, returning to the ASI industry with decorator classification.

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  • Many companies with seemingly significantly more money and resources were not able to survive. It remains a bit of a mystery as to how we stayed afloat when so many others could not. We feel it was our internal reality and ability to adapt that not only allowed us to survive but to thrive.

    We have become a job shop, rather than a production facility. Instead of having extraordinarily large jobs from a couple of clients, we now have jobs of all sizes from hundreds of customers each month. Our facility has grown to house over 410 embroidery heads making us one of the largest companies of our kind in the country.

    As an ASI decorator we only offer our services to the re-sellers of the finished product. We no longer sell to the end user, but our practice as a distributor has given us insight as to what our distributor customers expect from a decorator.

It has taken us 30 years to get to this point, but we are still in our early stages of growth. Regardless of changes that are implemented either by design or necessity, one thing that will remain constant is our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

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